Lily Pad Preschool - Open House

Open House!

Sat. Feb. 24th @ 11 a.m.
Sat. March 17 @ 11 a.m.

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Our Philosopy

Lily Pad Preschool is a one room schoolhouse surrounded by garden and play areas. It is a warm, beautiful environment that invites children to explore. We hold true the knowledge that early childhood education lays the groundwork for a child’s self confidence and later learning. The teachers value the uniqueness of each child, and through observation and interaction gain a deep understanding of each child. We believe that learning is an adventure and we encourage each child to discover his/her excitement for learning. The whole child is our focus, we promote social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. 

Children are allowed to go at their own pace. In a child’s learning the process of what he/she does is always more important than the product. Preschool is a step in the independence of each child and we embrace the forging of new relationships with peers and teachers as an essential stepping stone for the child.

Family is a strong focus for young children and we reinforce the importance of family and community at Lily Pad. Through community events and parent involvement we forge a bond between the child’s home life and their life at school. Creating trust and mutual respect is key.

We work in small groups so everyone has the opportunity to build deep meaningful relationships. We work on cooperation and peaceful problem solving on a daily basis.

Our approach to early childhood education is influenced and inspired by pioneers like Maria Montessori, Piaget, Erikson, Waldorf schools and the schools started by parents in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

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